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Cocktail Party Massacre

Jan 10, 2019

Michelle Hanson from the Syndicated Nightmares podcast joins Brock and Pickens to discuss one of her favorite movies, the OG A Nightmare on Elm Street -- a not-so deep cut that leaves a very deep cut. This pregame to next week's cocktail trivia party teases our love of this 80s slasher classic. From boasting the best final girl, Nancy, to amping up wacky practical effects, this franchise left its (claw) mark on our collective psyches for an undeniable reason. But even though we're buddy-buddy now, next week, we'll be trying to kill Michelle in ANOES trivia. Will she come a final girl in our Cocktail Party Massacre???

Speaking of Final Girls, check out Michelle's absolutely BRILLIANT Final Girls parody here. 

Get an invitation to Kilrook Manor and try to become a Final Girl yourself!

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