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Cocktail Party Massacre

Dec 27, 2018

Before the next cocktail party officially begins, Brock and Pickens pregame with our latest Final Girl contestant, local badass pop artist, Amy May. We featured some of Amy's pop art as the grand prize for our Poltergeist episode with the Film Flamers, and now, Amy's joining the fun herself, trying her best to outsmart...

Dec 20, 2018

This week, we're bypassing the Pre-Game round and jumping right into POLTERGEIST trivia with our buddies at The Film Flamers podcast. Does Chris or Robert have what it takes to outsmart and outrun our diabolical slasher? If either does, he'll earn the coveted title of Final Girl and a sweet prize from Amy May Pop Art....

Dec 13, 2018

Season 2 kicks off with wives Erica & Alexandra who, after having our signature drink (the SLIME CITY SHOOTER), square off against our slasher in a deadly game of SLIME CITY trivia. Only one can make it to the Final Girl round, so at least one newlywed is guaranteed to be newlydead. They're playing for a really cool...

Dec 6, 2018

And we're off to races, starting Cocktail Party Massacre Season 2 with newlyweds Erica & Alex. With our Pregame Quickiesodes, you'll get to know our Final Girl contestants -- before we (hopefully) slaughter them in a deadly game of trivia based on the horror movie of their choice -- in this case, the 1988 cult...

Nov 29, 2018

Have you missed us, kiddies. Here's a Season 2 teaser trailer. Hope you'll join us for more deadly trivia games. 

Become a Final Girl contestant by visiting:

Season 2 music by the incomparable Zalatan.